About Coltrac ltd

Incorporated in 2008 Coltrac was established to offer intelligent recovery solutions to both the public and private sectors. Our staff have over 20 years combined experience in the Debt Recovery and Investigation industry.

We understand that every clients needs and expectations are different and are happy to discuss how we can work alongside you to deliver a service which suits your individual requirements.

Intelligent Recovery Solutions

Our emphasis on experience and the human touch rather than simply churning out letters and searching databases ensures that our success rates are high and that the information supplied to our clients is factual and correct. We are aware that incorrect information can be both costly and time consuming within the debt recovery process.

As a modern and dynamic company we are constantly evolving and investing in new technology to assure we have access to the most up to date information sources, it is this along with our considerable investment in recruitment and training that ensures that Coltrac is the first choice for our clients for all their investigation and debt recovery needs.

Ensuring Quality

We ensure that all work carried out is done so ethically, in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act and in line with our own strict internal guidelines. We are constantly monitoring the results we produce to ensure that our client receive the highest quality customer service possible.


Registered with the Office of Fair Trading.